Fee Schedule

There are three different registration levels at NOSSDAV 2005. For each level, there is a discount for being an ACM member. The levels are:

  • Full Fee
    Each paper presented at the workshop must be associated with one full fee registration.
  • Affiliated
    Additional authors or other research group members affiliated with a paper to be presented at the workshop are eligible for this discount.
  • Student
    Students are eligible for this discount only if they are attending the workshop with their advisors or other senior researcher.

Registration fees are given in the table below:

ACM MemberNon-Member
Full: $400 $450
Affiliated: $300 $350
Student: $150 $200

Registration Form

This form makes use of JavaScript to calculate the appropriate registration fee and validate that all necessary information has been entered. Furthermore, the form data is securely transferred using the https protocol. If you do not have access to a JavaScript enabled browser that supports https, please send email to Ketan Mayer-Patel ( in order to register via email.

Payment Method
Pay now by credit card.
Pay at the workshop by credit card, check, or money order.
Personal Information
First Name:
Last Name:
May we post your name and affiliation as part of the list of registered attendees on the NOSSDAV 2005 website? Yes
Registration Level
Answering the following questions will determine the appropriate registration level and applicable discounts.
Are you affiliated with a paper to be presented at the workshop? Yes
If so, please select the appropriate paper title:
Is this registration the primary registration associated with the paper? Please remember that each paper must be associated with one primary full-fee registration. Yes
Are you an ACM Member? Yes
If yes, enter membership number here:
Are you a student who will be attending with their advisor or other senior researcher? Yes
If yes, enter name of advisor here:
Based on your answers above, your registration fee is: $450
Credit Card Information
If paying by credit card now, please fill out this section. If you are paying at the workshop when you first arrive, this section is unnecessary.
Card Type:
Card Number:
Expiration: /
Name on card (if different from above):
Billing Address
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